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Feeling Like Sally Field

So, I certainly did not think that I would be writing again so soon. When we last left our intrepid heroes, Matt and Becky had just mailed off their application to the adoption agency. We knew we were going to have to wait to hear back from them and I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to freak out until next Tuesday. On Tuesday, the agency would have had the week to look the information over and send a medical letter to Poland.

Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call yesterday at work from home. It’s rare for Becky to call me at work and it typically means something of import. To be quite honest, I thought that something bad had gone down – someone was sick or worse. For a moment, I considered that the agency had called to tell us that Poland didn’t want to play with us and we would have to start looking for another agency and country. I answered with some trepidation, “Hello?”

“We just got an email from the agency! We’re approved! We’re approved!” Becky sounded like she was about to explode. It took me a while to process exactly what she said. After a bit of explaining, I found out that we had gotten an email from our social worker that said that they had put our formal acceptance letter in the mail along with our contract to sign. Apparently Poland and our agency want to play with us! It suddenly feels amazingly real. Becky and I talked and decided that we would tell family and some close friends but we would hold off from making a grand announcement on Facebook or here.

Sally FieldToday brought another surprise and another phone call. Becky and I had both been about half afraid that we’d get an email or a phone call saying that the agency was terribly sorry but they had sent us the wrong email and they didn’t want to play after all. I answered the call and Becky was practically bouncing again. Today, she had just gotten off the phone with the owner and the operations manager at the agency. They called, saying that they never call families this early but that they had just reread our testimonies and wanted to call us because they were excited to be working with us and that they were looking forward to helping us find the child God has chosen for us. You can’t ask for a better team than that.

I think that the two of us are both still in shock. This is real. It’s going to happen, though perhaps not as fast as we’d like. Good things are worth waiting for and I can’t think of anything else quick so worthwhile. They say about 18 months is the average time from signing the contract to completion. It’s about the average gestation period for several species of whale, which should make Becky and her maritime ancestors happy. There’s so much to do soon. So many papers and work. For now, though, Becky and I are still grinning like fools and chanting, a la Sally Field, “They like us. They really like us!”

The Dog, Dyngus Day, and Staring at Phones

It's true. My wife is hot and she is an amazing Vanna White.

You might have already seen it on Facebook, but here’s Becky mailing off the application!

The past few weeks have a bit of a blur, if I’m to be quite honest. Between preparing for holidays and having extra events at work, life would have been hopping anyway but when you add on the fact that we’ve actually mailed in the application to the agency we’ve had extra homework. Becky and I have had to make copies of pertinent documents, fill our paperwork, write up our spiritual journeys, get doctor’s notes, and get everything notarized (thanks to our dear friend, Kathy) and we managed to get it all mailed off. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and good thoughts and for those who are wondering we still haven’t heard anything. With our luck, we managed to get everything mailed off during Holy Week and it arrived on Maundy Thursday, just a bit before the end of business. I suspect, since this is a Christian agency, they were closed on Good Friday, obviously shut down for the weekend, and are probably shut down for Easter Monday. Which means the clock doesn’t start until tomorrow. We were told that typically it’s a two-day turnaround (likely the shortest wait we’ll have on this journey) but, since we have to have a doctor’s note and it may have to be sent to Poland, it could take about a week. Of course, this coming Sunday is the canonization of Pope John Paul II, so I understand Poland is a little crazy right now getting ready to celebrate their favorite son. So when will we hear? I don’t know but rest assured I’ll let you know. If they want to play with us, and they have been encouraging that there’s no real reason they shouldn’t, then we sign the contract and we’re officially working with them. Then comes more paper work, more notarizations, more waiting…par for the course as far as I understand.

Nothing suspicious at all going on. Boys getting ready for a water attack on Smigus Dyngus in Sanok, Poland.

Nothing suspicious at all going on. Boys getting ready for a water attack on Smigus Dyngus in Sanok, Poland.

It’s Easter Monday or, in Poland, Śmigus Dyngus (pronounced SHMEE-gus DIN-gus) . I’ve enjoyed learning more about Polish culture recently and Easter (and the surrounding days) is something they take seriously. Śmigus Dyngus has a long tradition in Poland. Boys traditionally tossed water on girls who they thought were attractive and in recent years girls have joined in soaking the guys. Traditionally, there were poems to be said, ransoms of decorated eggs to be received, and, in some regions, a drunk rooster pulled through town on a cart. Now, it seems to be more of a feeling of “Don’t leave the house unless you have to – the neighbor’s kids are waiting outside the door with Supersoakers.” Proof that while traditions may change the poignant beauty of them does not. In all honesty, the Polish traditions, rituals and pageantry that are part of Easter weekend are amazing and I look forward to including more of them into our family celebrations (this year included kielbasa and a lamb (in butter form) on the table for Easter lunch).

Today is also the anniversary of Rex joining the family! Well, technically it was the 9th but I can be horrible with dates. Rex was adopted on Easter Monday two years ago and so in my head Easter Monday is Rex’s Gotcha Day no matter what year it is. To celebrate, we bought him some Beggin’ Strips (we spare no expense). It’s weird to think that it’s been so short a time. Hopefully, the time till PK is here will seem just as fast.

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