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Blown Away

From the bottom of our hearts, Becky and I want to offer up a massive THANK YOU! In the 10 days of our Chrome Buffalo drive, we have felt truly blessed. We thought that we would try this fund raiser since it was one where no one really had to do anything. We thought that the goal of $150 that was suggested by Chrome Buffalo was fine, any little bit would help and so we gave it a try. In just a little over a week, you all quadrupled that amount through both shirt purchases and other donations. To everyone who helped out in any way, shape or form, we are just blown away.

For the curious, we have mailed off another batch of paperwork. The paperwork seems to be never ending, but I realize that some of that is the fact that we’re getting back into the groove after a few weeks where we were focusing on other things. A few more papers to fill out and then we’ll be ready to have our social worker come to our home study. I know those aren’t supposed to be scary but they sound so…hardcore and a bit intimidating, but hey, I got my FBI clearance so I can handle a round of questions!

Again, you guys are amazing and thank you for helping us get a little closer to bringing PK home!

Father’s Day and Chrome Buffalo

The globe reminds me of the Pan-Am Airlines logo.

This is the “official” design for our t-shirt. I think it rocks but so do all the other designs!

Today is Father’s Day and it’s the first time that it has caused more than a thought of “Did I remember to get a gift for Da?” My Da, by the way, is an awesome man. He’s taught me how to work hard, realize that no one is beneath me, respect those around me and to be willing to stand up for myself, my convictions and others. He’s supported me and come to my performances and programs (some of which were, admittedly, beautiful in the their travesty – but how else are you going to grow?). I can only hope to instill half the lessons to PK that my Da taught me. Today though, I received my first (expectant) Father’s Day present. It’s an awesome pocketknife to replace the one that the State gave me for five years of service that was stolen from my car. This one look like olive wood and is engraved “Kocham Cie,” which is Polish for “I Love You.” It is also one of the few things I can say in Polish without sounding special. Receiving my first Father’s Day gift has made me realize that in a relatively short period of time I’ll have a kid to scar for life.

Today is also the beginning of our Chrome Buffalo drive! Chrome Buffalo is an awesome company. In dealing with the company, we have been showered in love and encouragement. They’ve even included our entire family in their prayers. The company sells artist-designed t-shirts. Becky and I were able to choose one “official” design for our drive but any shirt bought from the site benefits us. For each shirt sold, we get $11. The site suggested a goal of $150. We’ll be thankful for any amount but we certainly wouldn’t complain if we blew right past $150 since we have a ways to go! Currently we have about 1/4 of the money needed for the adoption. Check out the site here and buy a tshirt. Who knows, we might have your last minute Father’s Day gift (You can always print off a picture to give him). Thanks to those of you who help us out financially and thanks to those of you support us with encouraging words, prayers, and letting us prattle on about our journey!

And the homework continues

I really hate it when I go as long as a month and don’t post. Going that long makes me feel like we’ve not been progressing. The truth is that life has been busy (you can meet our newest family member, Keller, and see his own journey here) but we are slowly moving along. Since we last talked, Becky and I have gotten our FBI clearance. When we got our fingerprints taken, the volunteer was amazingly nice and didn’t charge us for either set. The next step for the FBI clearance (and our birth and marriage certificates) is apostilling, which I had never heard of until getting involved in the mountains of paperwork that is adoption. When dealing with adoptions across international borders often you need a step up from notarization. This involves taking the notarized document and mailing it off to a Secretary of State’s (either state or federal level depending on the document) office for a big goal seal that says, “Yes, this official document is official.” I’m just trusting that it needs to be done for a good reason and, at the worst, it helps put food on someone’s table.

Spell check does not like the words "apostille" or "apostilling." It wants to make them both apostles.

While we, obviously, won’t be using Alabama for our adoption. Here’s an example of an apostille.

There’s also online adoption parenting classes that are underway. So far, I have the attachment and the behavioral disorders/mental illness class under the belt. Becky and I were talking and think the goal for the class is to scare you with the worst possible outcome and then try to make you feel like it is not so bad. For example, they tell you about an orphanage in Romania that was in a horrible state and whose children had some of the most extreme cases of attachment disorders and then they let you know that except for a few individuals that most of the kids ended up all right. The cases of behavioral and mental illness throw around possible diagnoses but then talk you down off the edge by saying that some of the issues are just the product of institutionalization and will go away after PK has lived with us for a few months, or that PK could be perfectly fine. Like we said before, just like having a kid the old-fashioned way, becoming a parent is a bit of a grab bag and you never know quite what you’re going to get. I am looking forward to the classes on cultural identity, the class on issues that are particular to Poland and a few of the others. I’m a geek and I’ve always gotten excited about classes. Some things never change.

Monday, we have a Skype talk with the folks at our agency! I can’t tell you how amazing that they’ve been. They’re so encouraging, patient and willing to answer any question we have. Between the staff and the other adoptive parents that we’ve gotten into contact with, I really feel like we’re part of a bigger family. I know the support will be very important when we enter the rounds of waiting once we get our paperwork done…that’s still a ways away, though.

In a few days, Becky and I will be starting a 10-day fundraiser. It’s through another company who has blown us away with both great service and love. They’re Chromebuffalo and they sell artist-designed t-shirts in 10-day runs for adoptive families. We get $11 for each shirt sold. If you’d like to help us get another step closer to PK and get an awesome shirt out of it, head over to our webpage starting on Sunday (I’ll post another announcement on Facebook Sunday, when the site goes live).

Becky and I just want to take the time to thank all of you for your prayers, encouraging words and financial gifts. We have been blown away by the support and truly feel loved. This would not be possible without you all.

Well, it’s back to paperwork for me. Hopefully it won’t be another month before I write again!

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