PK and the Gang

Bringing Eastern Europe to Eastern North Carolina

The I-800A

Today, our I-800A should have arrived at the USCIS office in Texas. For those of you unfamiliar with all the adoption lingo, this means that Immigration has our paperwork asking for provisional approval to bring a child into the country. I don’t know exactly how long this step of the process will take but hopefully in the reasonably near future (which can mean about anything in adoption time), we’ll be contacted in some way to tell us when we need to go to Durham to get our fingerprints taken. This should, fingers crossed, be the last time we do that. It’s the last one that I know of anyway. The trick is that they give you an appointment day and time and Becky and I have a trip to Connecticut coming up. Knowing our luck, we’ll get the appointment for some time when we are gone. I’ve heard various and sundry things about how easy it is to reschedule so prayers and stories of experience are appreciated. At the end of this step, we’ll have a sheet of paper to put in our dossier to let Poland know that the US government is all right with us adopting. Later, when we accept a referral for PK, we’ll submit another form that is for a specific child.

We’ve mailed off a few of the other forms that we need to get out and we’re preparing a massive stack of other papers that need to go to the North Carolina Secretary of State. It is so nice to actually feel like we’re actively doing something to forward this process.

This isn’t a big update but it is nice to be able to say that we’re inching forward! The Chrome Buffalo fundraiser starts on Saturday! Please feel free to share the link with family and friends. As I was writing yet another check for the adoption today, I figured up that we have a little over half of all the money we need for the adoption! We’re hoping that we’ll be able to secure some grants to make up some of the left over amount but any money we get from the sale of the tshirts will be put into good use!

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