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A New Chapter

Wow. Seven months. It’s been seven months since I last put fingers to keyboard here. It wasn’t my plan to be silent for this long. I thought I’d post little updates here and there but you know what life is like between the two trips in a Polish adoption? Quiet and very long.

Occasionally, we’d get a piece of paperwork to fill out and mail back. Once, the day before Hurricane Matthew hit, we got an email saying we needed to print out a letter, get it signed, notarized and scanned back to the agency that day or the next. An interesting challenge on a good day, but the difficulty level gets upped when it’s also 3:30 on a Friday afternoon. And there was a hurricane. But we managed to get it done. No matter what it was, we always have managed to get it done.

The page was turned to the next chapter in our story last week. After what seemed like forever and days where part of me was starting to think that it would never come, we finally got “the” call around 2:30 on the 9th! The 9th is usually World Adoption Day but this year, they moved it to the 15th so that it didn’t get lost in the aftermath of the election. I frantically wrote down all the dates and called Becky. Then started a chain of phone calls to family members and a small freak out to try to process everything.

To be perfectly honest, we’re still trying to process it all. Not just the fact that we are actually going back, get to see PK again and get to make her our daughter, but all of the things we have to get done. Through an amazing adoption travel agency, we got a good deal on flights to Poland – we leave on the 2nd! We’re trying to nail down our house/dog sitter. We know at some point we need to run out to go shopping for warmer clothes (everything I’ve seen points to average temperatures in the 30s and getting to the 20s during the time that we’re there), pack, and the like. Thankfully, our accommodations while we are there are worked out, so that is another burden that is lifted. Still, there is a slight frantic buzz going through my head, a little afraid that we’ll forget something before we leave.

Below is a  brief rundown of some of the dates for our trip:

December 2 – Leave for Poland!

December 3 – Land in Warsaw, spend the night there

December 4 – Fly to Katowice and then get to Czestochowa

December 5 – Meeting with the adoption authorities (We may also get to see PK again this day)

December 8 – First court date – This date starts our bonding period – the time we live as a family before the adoption hearing!

January 3 – The big court date – As long as everything goes well, PK will be declared ours! After this is the appeal period, which means we can’t leave the country yet, but our time will be filled with running around to various places, doing paperwork, and things like that. We should be returning late January, braving an international flight with a little one in tow!

Guys, it’s really happening! We’d really appreciate any good thoughts and prayers you can send our way: for clear minds, easy bonding, for PK as she transitions from the world she’s always known to living with two strangers who talk funny, that courts and governments flow smoothly, for Becky and I as we figure out what it is to be parents while living in a foreign country. Honestly, the list goes on but you get the gist.

Further up and father in! We’re headed off to Poland!


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