PK and the Gang

Bringing Eastern Europe to Eastern North Carolina

Meet the Gang

Matt – The Dad-to-be – I work at a historic site, which means that I spend the majority of my life in the past. At church, I interpret a service into American Sign Language. Oh, and I have Tourette’s, so occasionally life gets interesting, what with all the barking, honking, and random arm movements. Life is rarely boring.

Becky – The Mom-to-be – The brains of the outfit. She’s an online history professor from north of the Mason-Dixon. She’s a quarter Polish which is why we want to adopt from Poland. A gal with a love of baking and a wheat allergy – we like to live dangerously in our house.

Rex – The Idiot Wonder Dog – He’s as cute as he is stupid. He likes to surf our counters, sleep for about 18 hours a day and run into the side of the house after a nap.

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