PK and the Gang

Bringing Eastern Europe to Eastern North Carolina

Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising

You can always donate by clicking the button in the sidebar or view some of our ongoing fundraisers!

Our ongoing projects:

Just Love Coffee – Our newest fundraising venture. By quality, fair trade, organic coffee from our storefront. The coffee is shipped to your door and we get a cut of the proceeds! Start shopping at today!

Family History Research – I have always loved researching my family history and am lucky enough to work at a job where I get to use those skills as well. I also helped do some genealogical research for the newly released book George Washington’s Secret Six by Brian Kilmeade (co-host of Fox and Friends). If you’ve been trying to find an answer to a family history question or are just trying to add a few more leaves to the family tree, I will be happy to help you out. I have several options available. For more information, contact Matt on Facebook, in a comment, or email (

Letter Transcription – Have letters from great-grandma that are fragile or difficult to read? We’ll transcribe them and print them out for you to have for years to come. Get to know your family from generations past! For more information, contact Matt on Facebook, in a comment, or email (

Be on the lookout for other options as they arise or use the donate button on the sidebar.

Thanks so much!

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